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Voting for GUBA Awards 2018



What we do

GUBA is a non-profit Business & Innovation Awards instituted to celebrate, acknowledge, and support Ghanaian based businesses and individuals in the UK.

If you believe in your dreams and believe in what you are doing you can do it..


Sectors and Industries we Award

Made in Ghana Award 2018

This awards seeks to acknowledge the efforts of companies working diligently to produce products that aid in the advancement of the Ghanaian economy. Made in Ghana products are a vital part of the development of the Ghanaian economy.

Innovation & Technology Award 2018

The Innovation Award recognizes a company that has produced substantial and meaningful innovation product or service. To recognize those companies in Ghana that are innovating through the use of technology and process best practices.

Efie Ne Fie Award 2018

Also known as ‘Home is Home’. We reserve this award for the revolutionaries that have returned and are positively contributing to the Ghanaian economy through their businesses and innovation.

Student Achiever of the Year

This award aims to shed light on an outstanding young person who has broken barriers in their field of study, community and sector.

Young Influential Diasporan

This award seeks to award a young diasporan who utilises talent and skill, towards the advancement of the his/her local community and Ghana.

Humanitarian Award 2018

A selfless individual operating on the mandate of tackling social issues, through a series of projects and charitable deeds.


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